At 80 German railway stations branded “MEIN EINKAUFSBAHNHOF”, over 3,000 attractive and appealing businesses invite people to stroll, shop, feast, see and be seen, 365 days a year. With its wide range of shops, the station is not just a travel centre, it is also an alluring provider of all sorts and offers a practical opportunity to do some shopping before and after a journey. The station shops throughout Germany target 16 million travellers and visitors per day.

Our stations are urban mobility hubs – gateways to cities and gateways to the world. With our local events, we will be promoting young regional artists and taking part in city and cultural events. All upcoming events can be found on our homepage (click on our logo) or on our Facebook page.

Our website, einkaufsbahnhof.de, provides you with information about our on-site shops, opening times and more information about the stations.

We look forward to welcoming you to train stations around Germany.

For the environment you can refill your thermo cup and as an incentive you save 10 cents. We also sell thermo cups with different motives & sayings for € 9.95 in our stores. The first filling is free.