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The devastating effect of garbage in our seas is now on everyone’s lips. According to Greenpeace, 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year because of eating garbage or strangle themselves in plastic waste.

#ZEROWASTEART is an interactive art exhibition. Its purpose is reaching the goal of a broad segment of the population and raising awareness. The exhibition takes place in the eight largest trainstations around North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. We are aiming to bring waste prevention into the consciousness of people around the world.

The art exhibition #ZEROWASTEART gives us a unique opportunity to actively engage in talking about the philosophy behind Zero Waste in an authentic and positive way. At the same time we point out the dimensions of worldwide garbage pollution.

art against trash.

Zero Waste is not a condition. It is an utopia of keeping no garbage on our planet. The key is to start and raise awareness of this problem. We want to inspire people with art. Art from garbage that is discussed, that makes you think and makes you see how we handle garbage.

As an artist, you now have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition #ZEROWASTEART and actively point out this problem. Get all the information here!

planned exhibitions

is more.

Chosen artists are presenting  their ideas of how garbage can turn into art.

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We are always looking for creatives, project members and financial partners.

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